PowerBMS by FuelFree Motos


FuelFree Motos does not leave any detail behind. That’s why FuelFree Motos works to be a reference and to be the best solution for electric scooters.

FuelFree Motos developed is own BMS capable to make any other BMS you know until today a “toy”. With 2 Ampers of balance capacity and a  20,5 μSeg detection time, this is, probably, one of the best BMS’s in the World.

Comparative table between other BMS’s and PowerBMS by FuelFree Motos


Other BMS

PowerBMS by FuelFree Motos

Maximum number of cells

Multiples of 4 cells (maximum 24 cells)

Without any limit

Maximum Charge Current

10 a 30A

Without any limitation

Maximum voltage per cell


3,6v (or other pre-configured)

Maximum Charge Balance

From 50 to 200mA (400mA on Vectrix)

2000 mA (ensure manufacturer specifications)

Energy Consumption while charging

10mA to 50mA


Minimum voltage per cell


2,8v (or other pre-configured)

Detection Delay Time

1 to 2 seconds (when able to)

20,5 μSec (0.0000205 seconds) – ensure manufacturer specifications

Energy Consumption while discharging

20mA to 50mA


Cut-off Method


Scooter loses all power

Extremely Quick

Scooter keeps runnig but slowly

Why FuelFree Motos uses is own PowerBMS?

The PowerBMS is the best BMS that satisfies all the specifications required for Electric Vehicles. The PowerBMS was built in 2008 and is on the market since then. All those electric scooters with PowerBMS have their batteries perfeclty running. The PowerBMS already runs on Electric Bicycles, Vectrix Maxi-Scooter’s, Chinese Electric Scooters and…Citröen Saxo!

PowerBMS Specifications Table



Overcharge Voltage Protection


Detection Delay Time (Overcharge Protection)

20,5 μSec (0.0000205 seconds)

Release Voltage


Over-Discharge Protection voltage


Over-Discharge Release Voltage


Balancing Voltage

3,6v (±0,002)

Balancing Current

2000mA (2Ampers)

Max Continued Discharge Current

No limit

Max Continued Charge Current

No limit

Power Consumption


Price: Contact Us


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