Premium Firmware

Premium Firmware by FuelFree Motos for Vectrix Maxi-Scooter


FuelFree Motos developed an unique firmware for Vectrix Maxi-Scooter. The Premium Firmware for Vectrix VX-1 Premium Edition by FuelFree Motos is distinguished and not available through the brand, distributors or any other way. Developed exclusively by FuelFree Motos with the main subject to correct a lot of bugs detected in the original firmware, this firmware is definetely a “must-have” for any Vectrix rider.

firmware vx

Compared to the original firmware there are a lot of differences:

  • Maximum speed increased to 120km/h
  • Increase the maximum possible charge rate to 1800 watts
  • User selective charge rate
  • Eco-Cruise control by Fuel Free Motos
  • Instant power consumption with Dual-Display technology
  • Emergency lights
  • Battery voltage shown while riding
  • Correct estimated range
  • Correct fuel gauge
  • Customized charge profile
  • Calibrated temperature sensors
  • Better battery temperature control
  • Manual front light switch
  • Bi-xenon support


Comparative table between original firmware and Premium Firmware:


Original Firmware

Premium Firmware by FuelFree Motos

Top Speed

100km/h or 110km/h (depends on firmware version)

120km/h with EcoBoost Technology

Maximum Charge Rate

1500 Watts

1800 Watts

Type of Charge

Standard (always fast charges)

User Selective

Charging Time

2hours and 30min (80% of Charge)

Slow or Fast Mode

Fast Mode: 1hour and 45minutes (80% of Charge)

Eco-Cruise Control



Dual-Display Power Consumption



Emergency Lights



Battery Voltage

Not Present

Shown while riding

Estimated Range


Corrected and Customized

Fuel Gauge

Wrong (3-5 bars without capacity)

Corrected and Customized

Charge Profile


Variable and Customized

Battery Temperatures

High (out of control)

Low and controlled

Temperature Sensors



Manual Front Light Switch





Compatible (also requires electronic modification)

Battery Treatment

Too Aggressive – Always Fast and excessive charges which damages the battery

Customized for each Vectrix avoiding battery damage (each Vectrix has its own profile)

Battery Durability

20.000-25.000km (80%SoC*)

60.000km (50% SoC*)

80.000km (90% SoC*)

160.000km (80% SoC*)

320.000km (60% SoC*)

*SoC – State of Charge; Ex. 160.000km (80% SoC), means that with 160.000km the batteries remains 80% of the original capacity)

Top Speed with EcoBoost Technology


Considering the maximum legal speed in most European countries, FuelFree Motos developed is own firmware increasing it to 120km/h. This way, the driver could get a higher maximum speed increasing his safety mainly on highways. Considering all those achivements, FuelFree Motos also developed an unique charecteristic: The EcoBoost Technology. With EcoBoost Technology, it’s possible to go at higher constant speeds consuming less energy.

Charging Process

FuelFree Motos didn’t left any detail apart, so, developed an user and battery friendly charging system. The charger could have an output from 150Watts until 1800Watts instead of constant 1500Watts of the original firmware. With our Premium Firmware, it is possible to select the charge rate as the user wants/needs from 1 Ampere until 12 Amperes.  At fast charge mode, it’s possible to charge a Nimh Vectrix in 1 hours and 45 minutes. Also charging profiles are customized allowing a bug-free firmware on the charging process avoiding any battery damage.

Eco-Cruise Control


Another feature developed by FuelFree Motos to Premium Firmware is the Eco-Cruise Control. Developed to allow a comfort long ride, this feature was developed also taking in consideration the lowest power consumption possible to allow an optimization to get the maximum range possible. All the details about this feature are on our Customers Area.

Power Consumption with Dual-Display Technology

Another great feature developed by FuelFree Motos is the power consumption with Dual-Display Technology. This feature allows the rider to know the amount of energy taking from the batteries with an easy way to read all the values, the dual-display technology

Emergency Lights


Sometimes, you need to turn-on the emergency lights…also FuelFree Motos Team needed it, so we developed also this feature which allows a more safety way to stop near the road or pass through traffic.

Battery Voltage

The Premium Firmware allows also to view the battery voltage while riding.

Estimated Range/Fuel Gauge and Charging Profile

The original firmware is not accurate enough to the rider. The Premium Firmware developed by FuelFree Motos corrected it

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors have to be calibrated. FuelFree Motos calibrates each temperature sensor module to correctly read the battery temperature.

Manual Lights Switch and Bi-Xenon Support


Our Premium Firmware allows you to manually turn on the lights by a switch. To get Bi-Xenon a modification in the electronic circuit is required to avoid damaging it.

Battery Treatment and Durability 

The Premium Firmware is customized for each Vectrix. There isn’t two vectrix with the same charge and discharge parameters. FuelFree Motos customizes each Premium Firmware for each Vectrix. This guarantee an appropriate treatment to the battery pack making it last a lot and more than any other Vectrix. Also the possibility to make slow charges will avoid fast charges everytime which damages the battery Pack. Our firmware is the only one that works correctly with Vectrix Maxi-Scooter.


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