Vectrix VX-1 Premium/Limited Edition


FuelFree Motos developed a modified Vectrix distinguish from any other Vectrix you could tried until today. Our Vectrix’s are unique and not available anywhere else. FuelFree Motos developed is own Vectrix due the most common problems original Vectrix’s could get. Our subject is to deliver the best Electric Maxi-Scooter around the World.

Why should you consider a Premium or Limited Edition Vectrix instead of any other Vectrix?

The answer is simple. FuelFree Motos developed the best solution for Vectrix’s around the world. 

Any Vectrix from FuelFree Motos has:

Premium Firmware by FuelFree Motos;

Batteries without any problem. Every single cell is tested and all the battery has to be as the manufacturer announces;

Technical and Electronic modifications to avoid most-common damages and problems;

Bi-Xenon compatibility with electronic change to avoid any kind of electronic damage;

PowerBMS by FuelFree Motos on lithium versions;

All this features together, could ensure that our Vectrix’s are without any doubt the best’s Vectrix around the World. Do not hesitate and contact us.


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