The Limited Edition Vectrix by FuelFree Motos

The Limited Edition Vectrix

 by FuelFree Motos


What is The Limited Edition Vectrix

by FuelFree Motos?

FuelFree Motos sometimes could get an almost new Vectrix, this is, a Vectrix with less than 1000km of use. This kind of Vectrix’s will be considered Limited Edition because they are almost like new and will be available as it. Limited Edition Vectrix’s are not available everytime and are stock limited.


What do FuelFree Motos offer?

For riders who search for a completely different ride experience, FuelFree Motos offers a Limited Premium Edition for European Market. Equipped with our Premium Firmware and a lithium battery pack of 5,6kWh would be certainly the Maxi-Scooter every motorcycle rider would love to use on daily commute. With a top speed of 120km/h with EcoBoost Technology, a range that could goes from 70km until 130km is a “must-have” that could not be compared to any other Vectrix. Also with Dual-Display technology which allows to know power consumption and not forgetting the Bi-Xenon headlight. The Limited Edition Vectrix made by FuelFree Motos is almost new, this is, only Limited Edition have less than 1000km of mileage (it could pass 1000km after all the riding and technical tests). If you are looking for a cheaper version, please look for regular Premium Edition with Nimh battery pack. The Limited Edition Vectrix are also equipped with our PowerBMS.


21kW Peak Power

Maximum Speed


Battery Pack

LiFePO4 – 5,6kWh



Minimum: 70km (120km/h)

Maximum: 130km (50km/h)

Average: 105km – 70km/h


Energy Consumption

Maximum: 9kWh/100km

Minimum: 4kWh/100km

Average: 6kWh/100km

Battery Charger

Maximum output of 1800Watts

Charging Time

Fast Charge Mode: 2 hours and 45 minutes (80% of Charge)

Charging Method

Customized and User Select

Tyres F/R

120/70 – 14 / 140/60 – 13

Brakes F/R

Disk / Disk (Brembo)












Premium Firmware

Fully Selective Charging Method

Fast Mode: 80% charge (1 hour and 45minutes)

Slow Mode: 80% charge (12 hours)

Other Modes: As user Selects

Eco-Cruise Control

Power Consumption with Dual-Display

Battery Voltage Indication

Front Headlight with Manual Switch

Maximum Speed – 120km/h

Emergency Lights

Correct Estimated Range

Correct Fuel Gauge

Battery Temperatures Controlled

Customized Charge and Discharge Profiles

Bi-Xenon Headlight

Electronic Modifications


Optional Extras

Top-Case Support





Contact Us


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