Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, you will find the answer for some frequently asked questions. Please, be aware that our international section just provides information about Vectrix Maxi-Scooter.

Q: How much cost your Premium Firmware?

A: Our Premium Firmware is just available on our Vectrix’s Premium and Limited Edition’s. We are not selling the Firmware.

Q: How can I get your Premium Firmware?

A: You can get it, buying us a Premium or Limited Edition Vectrix

Q: I already have a Vectrix and the CANBUS cable. Can you send me your Premium Firmware? How can I get it?

A: If you already have a Vectrix, there are two ways to get our Premium Firmware:

  • You can buy us a Premium/Limited Edition Vectrix and keep two Vectrix’s;
  • You can buy us a Vectrix and we purchase your Vectrix;

Q: And how much do you gave for my used Vectrix?

A: Depending on mileage, year, color and possible damage it could have.

Q: How much could cost the shipment cost of a Vectrix?

A: Depending on your location. The cost could be from 150-200€ (Spain) until 300-600€ (rest of Europe). If you are selling a Vectrix to us, the shipment cost would be higher (+30-50%) but you will not pay two shipments or twice. For ex., if you are in Spain and the shipment costs 200€ and we buy your used Vectrix, the total shipment cost will never be higher than 300€ (+50%).

Q: I live outside Europe. How can I get you Premium Firmware?

A: If you are located outside Europe, we are not able to help you by now. We just can send you parts (chargers, controllers…) to you with the premium firmware.

Q: But, I live in Europe and I just want the parts with your Premium Firmware. Can we deal that way?

A: If are in Europe, and really want to deal that way, we will not deny it. But our advice, is to make the effort and get one of our Vectrix’s we select for European customers. The customization we made to the firmware will allow a bug free firmware.

Q: Do you sell vectrix parts worldwide?

A: Yes, we sell all Vectrix parts worldwide. Contact us for shipment costs.

Q: Do you sell vectrix accessories worldwide?

A: Yes, we sell all Vectrix accessories worldwide. Contact us for shipment costs.

Q: My doubt is not here.

A: Contact us


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